Create an OPENSHIFT ROSA cluster via CLI

In this tutorial i will  demonstrate how to create a new cluster on AWS managed OpenShift ROSA,
it will be simple and straight forward.


  • AWS account configured.
  • ROSA enabled on your AWS account.
  • OpenShift CLI installed.


First thing take a peek at your AWS account details, just to be sure it’s configured:

aws sts get-caller-identity 

Log in to your Red Hat account, saving the credentials to the ROSA configuration file. You must provide a token when logging in. You can copy your token from the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS token page.

rosa login <TOKEN>

View ROSA profile:

rosa whoami

Verify ROSA permissions:

rosa verify permissions

init, runs a short cloud formation template that configures the AWS account ready to the deployment and management of the cluster:

rosa init 

List existing clusters:

rosa list clusters

Create a new cluster:

rosa create cluster --cluster-name=<cluster-name>

To watch the logs run:

rosa logs install -c <cluster-name> --watch

After cluster is created run describe to get the cluster details:

rosa describe cluster -c <cluster-name>

Create admin account for the cluster, the output of the following command is an oc command with the user and it’s password:

rosa create admin -c <cluster-name>

Use this command to login:

oc login https://api.<cluster-name> --username cluster-admin --password xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Verify that you have admin privileges by running this:

oc whoami && oc version && oc get nodes